Welcome to Piano Pianisssimo Studios where you will find the best information about piano lessons, accompanying, coaching, availability for special events and general music education, such as theory, ear training, form and analysis, harmony and composition. We specialize in individual piano lessons, theory and ear training lessons, where each student gets full one on one attention from the instructor. Our piano lessons are tailored to your specific needs and are goal oriented, in order for our students to reach their maximum potential.

Make sure you check our audio section where you will find both studio as well as live recordings of our instructors. We believe instructors need to show through performances, as well as exemplifications during the piano lessons, that we know indeed more about the art of performing piano than can be taught through mere words. Feel free to browse the website and look for the information you need. If you still have question or would be interested in having more information, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.